i'm a woman now, guys, i'm only going to write dark songs and i'm going to dance in my bra all the time.

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"It is a daily struggle for me to not buy more cats.”

Taylor Swift; THE RED ERA (highlights)


I touch my collarbone, marking the path of their flight - toward my heart. One for each member of the family I left behind.”

Fans are my favorite thing in the world. I’ve never been the type of artist who has that line drawn between their friends and their fans. The line’s always been really blurred for me. I’ll hang out with them after the show. I’ll hang out with them before the show. If I see them in the mall, I’ll stand there and talk to them for 10 minutes.

PS: short hair, don’t care. (!!!)

Holland Roden attends the ‘Deliver Us From Evil’ premiere in New York

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Left: day before Red was released. Right: summer before Album 5.
“This is a new year, a new beginning, and these things will change.”